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  • "Uppers conjured from single-layer laminate are pure genius – without making the shoe look like a one-off lab experiment."
    Active Junky - Hydroventure
    September 2016
  • "The zero-drop midsole and just wide enough forefoot make a more natural landing so easy"
    Bonk Proof- ST-2
    September 2016
  • "(Topo) not only want your toes to wake up and spread out they want you to fix your injuries before they start"
    Lava Magazine - ST-2
    September 2016
  • "Made of a smooth, stretchy mesh material, the Topo Athletic ST-2 feels great against your foot and is super easy to pack flat for on-the-go workouts"
    The Daily Burn ST-2
    August 2016
  • Runner's World Fall '16 Shoe Guide Ultrafly
    August 2016
  • "Unlike many low-profile workout shoes, these don't skimp on cushioning, so you can safely hit the pavement in the ST-2s."
    Smart Travel - ST-2
    July 2016
  • Womens Running - Magnifly - ACU mobility
    June 2016
  • Womens running - MT2 - sole mate
    February 2016
  • Running Insight Ultrafly
    February 2016
  • "Our wear-testers liked this shoe’s versatility and suggested it was optimal for trail running, hiking, peak bagging and light backpacking."
    Competitor - Hydroventure
    June 2016
  • "If I’m headed into rocky, rooted mountain terrain, I now find myself reaching for my Topo Athletic MT2 shoes instead."
    Gear Junkie - MT2
    June 2016
  • "Burly trail grip, e-vent waterproof tech, and the same great fit we love Topo for."
    Trek Tech - Hydroventure
    June 2016
  • "The Hydroventure is one of the more reasonably priced waterproof models, also the lightest and probably best fitting waterproof model out there."
    Run Blogger - Hydroventure
    July 2016
  • I’d wholeheartedly recommend the MT-2 for anyone that runs trails and likes a light and lively shoe with some protection."
    Run Blogger - MT2
    July 2016
  • Ginger Runner's Review of the Ultrafly
    Ginger Runner - Ultrafly - Youtube
    June 2016
  • "The shoes were fantastic! Comfortable and light, very flexible, my feet felt right at home from the beginning."
    Small Town Runner - Hydroventure
    April 2016
  • "Not only is the Hydroventure the lightest waterproof trail shoe on the market, but it cost less than most waterproof trail shoes."
    Running Without Injuries - Hydroventure
    April 2016
  • Magnifly featured in "13 Best Mens Sneakers for 2016"
    Best Products - Magnifly
    April 2016
  • "...To release such an effective waterproof trail shoe in such a lightweight package is truly an accomplishment."
    Ultra Runner Joe - Hydroventure
    April 2016
  • "I ran through the night in a heavy rain and wet, sloppy mud and my feet were dry at the finish. Definitely an advantage."
    Blog: Slipping Slowly Into Pain - Hydroventure
    April 2016
  • MT-2 featured in Women's Running: Best New Running Shoes for Spring 2016
    Womens Running - MT-2
    May 2016
  • Check out this first look at the Topo Ultrafly with Runner's World editor Jeff Dengate. The shoe will be featured in our 2016 Fall Shoe Guide.
    Runners World - First Look Ultrafly
    May 2016
  • "This style feels like a minimalist shoe but with a little more cushioning. The roomy toe box and wider shape was a plus for us."
    Active - Magnifly
    May 2016
  • "I knew the combination of eVent Fabrics and Topo know-how (fit) would be masterful."
    Feed The Habit - Hydroventure
    May 2016
  • Gearist: Brandon Wood's Video Review of the MT-2
    Gearist - Youtube - MT2
    May 2016
  • "Hydroventure has good traction, tons of durability and the fact that it’s waterproof to boot is a fantastic bonus.."
    Gearist - Hydroventure Review
    May 2016
  • "Did I say this was a road shoe? the superb upper and their full decently lugged rubber coverage they also make fantastic road trail hybrids."
    Road Trail Run - Ultrafly
    June 2016
  • Competitor Magazine - Hydroventure
    June 2016
  • MT-2 featured in Runner's World: "The Best Running Shoes of 2016 - So Far"
    Runners World - MT2 - The Best Running Shoes 2016
    June 2016
  • The Hydroventure wins "Gear of the Year"!
    National Geographic - Hydroventure
    April 2016
  • “I loved the fit! The MT-2 locked my foot in securely from heel to midfoot, but gave my toes all the room in the world."
    Runners World - MT2 video - Womens
    April 2016
  • runners world - MT2 - best buy
  • The MT-2 from Topo Athletic stands as a ready run companion that can cover miles on the tarmac as well as light trails.
    go gumption - mt2
    March 2016
  • "The best Running Shoes to Wear This Spring"
    Mens Journal - Hydroventure
    February 2016
  • IronMan Magazine - Halsa
    February 2016
  • Exclusive interview with Topo Athletic CEO Tony Post
    Ultra Running Magazine - Hydroventure
    December 2015
  • "my very favorite thing about Topo shoes is the wide toe box. It gives my toes plenty of space to splay as far as they need to."
    Gearist - Magnifly (2)
    February 2016
  • "The Coolest Running Gear of 2016"
    outside - hydroventure
    February 2016
  • "I was pleasantly surprised how fast the shoe felt and how much energy return I received."
    Run Bulldog Run - Magnifly
    March 2016
  • "A great fitting, well-cushioned, well-transitioned shoe that is built for one thing: serios running"
    Wear Testers - Magnifly
    January 2016
  • "The Topo Athletic MT2 fared great...Not a single hot spot or blister running sockless from 5K to 10K distances for 4 consecutive days."
    Wear Tested - MT-2
    January 2016
  • "Instead of having a traditional layered construction, the upper itself is made from a new waterproof yet breathable material from eVent."
    womens running - hydroventure
    January 2016
  • "Conquer the path of your choice thanks to the rugged features in these trail running shoes."
    best prdoucts - MT-2
    January 2016
  • "A trainer helping deliver a neutral running style, with wide foot spacing, lightweight and enough padding to not smash up my legs"
    sundried - fli-lyte
    January 2016
  • insideoutdoor - hydroventure
    December 2015
  • "With their trademark fit and superb quality, this one is another excellent shoe from Topo with a bit more for those who want it underfoot."
    Gearist - Youtube - Magnifly
    December 2015
  • BloomBerg - Company
    December 2015
  • "Got a chance to put my new Topo Athletic MT-2's to a real test.I loved the older version and it looks like the new model will be a huge success too."
    2015 Cajun Coyote - MT2
    December 2015
  • Boston Globe - Company
    November 2015
  • "Check out this first look at the Topo Tribute with Runner's World editor Warren Greene. "
    Runners World - Tribute
    November 2015
  • " I’m alway very impressed by the durability of Topo Athletic’s shoes and the Magnifly is no exception."
    Gearist - Magnifly
  • "Whether you're a minimalist runner, need a bit more arch support, or just want more bounce in your stride, we've rounded up the best running shoes"
    Best Products - Magnifly
    March 2016
  • "The Fli-Lyte provides a lot of protection and stability for the road and trails.."
    birthday shoes - fli lyte
    October 2015
  • "The flexible platform and 5mm drop allow for a more natural gait function, while the dual-density midsole delivers zonal cushioning and response."
    Wear Tested - Magnifly
  • "The Topo Performance Hat by Headsweats® is ideal for every training run and road race."
    Topo Hat - Wear tested
    November 2015
  • "The broad, stable platform keeps you surefooted, while the mid-foot strap keeps your foot locked in place for confidence with every movement."
    Wear Tested - Halsa
  • "...these are a kick as an all-around running shoe. It’s made for roads but didn’t disappoint on rolling and crushed gravel trails."
    Womens Running - Magnifly
    February 2016
  • "Fli-lytes are really solid trainers. They are comfortably wide without being swimmy, light without being fragile, and tough without being clunky."
    Hampton Runner - Fli-Lyte
    September 2015
  • "The wide toe box really agrees with my feet; I never get the "toes are restricted" feeling as the miles tick by."
    Run Oregon - Magnifly
    September 2015
  • "These well thought out kicks were engineered with the runner in mind, and they hold up to their expectations as we continued to use them daily"
    52 Thursdays - Magnifly
    September 2015
  • The Ginger Runner reviews the Topo Magnifly (video)
    Ginger Runner - Magnifly - Youtube
    September 2015
  • "I was very pleased how well the MT-2 handled everything I threw at it. They feel great on road, dry trails, and decent in mud, slush and packed snow"
    Road Trail Run - MT2
    March 2016
  • "People want a platform that will support these combinations, like the MT-2: rugged enough for the trail but flexible enough for the road.”
    SGB Today - SGB Today
    July 2015
  • Brandon Wood's Video Review of the Tribute
    Gearist - Youtube - Tribute
  • "Topo Athletic has rolled out a shoe that holds true to its ethos while adapting to the desires of certain parts of its customer base."
    Gearist - Magnifly Review
  • Brandon Wood's Video Review of the Fli-Lyte
    Gearist - Youtube - Fli-Lyte
    October 2015
  • "The fit of the shoe is dialed in. The heel counter cups the heel well and is comfortable without any rubbing."
    Believe In the Run - Magnifly Review
    September 2015
  • "Their shoes have been consistently well-liked with good quality and an eye to the runner rather than to the bottom line."
    Tribute - Gearist Review
  • "Topo’s asymmetric last, mid-foot strap and secure lacing were among the features that separated Halsa from general-purpose athletic shoe."
    Active Junky - Halsa Review
  • "The Fli-Lyte allows the best natural foot mechanics of any lightweight trainer we’ve tested this spring."
    Gear Institute - Fli-Lyte Review
    July 2015
  • "Q&A with footwear legend, Tony Post"
    Gear Institute - Footwear Legend Tony Post
    July 2015
  • "If you’re looking for a low drop shoe with a firm and responsive ride and a natural shape then this is going to be a very good option for you. "
    Fli-Lyte Review - Gearist
  • Gearist - Youtube - Podcast Q&A Tony
    May 2015
  • MSN: Best Running Shoes 2015 features Fli-Lyte
    MSN - Fli-Lyte Award
    February 2015
  • Runner's World features Fli-Lyte is 2015 Spring Shoe Guide
    Runners World - Spring Shoe Guide Fli-Lyte
    March 2015
  • Editor's Pick from - Topo Halsa
    Body - Halsa Editor Pick
    March 2016
  • "Competitor's Gear Guide review of the Topo Fli-Lyte
    Competitor - Gear guide: Fli-Lyte
  • Magnifly featured in 2015 Summer/Fall Road Running Shoe Guide by Competitor Magazine
    Competitor Magnifly - Buyers Guide
    January 2016
  • "The Magnifly uses a softer insert in the outside of the midsole to cushion landings. A few testers thought it was just right." - Magnifly
  • “It’s amazingly light and flexible, with an almost ‘airy’ feel to it when you put it on.”
    Competitor - Fli-Lyte
    March 2016
  • Health Gear Awards Editor's Pick - Topo Halsa
    Health Magazine-Halsa
  • "They are so comfortable, easy to run in, easy to jump in, and even better they are easy to CrossFit in."
    PaleOMG - Halsa Giveaway
    April 2015
  • Competitor - Industry Insight: Topo's Tony Post
    September 2014
  • "The number of companies raises the question: why is the Boston region overly represented in the running industry? It comes down to three reasons." - Boston Brands
    December 2013

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Brad Cox Lic.Ac. is a Movement Specialist, ACU-Running Coach and Licensed Acupuncturist specializing in Orthopedic Acupuncture and Sports Medicine.  He is the co-Founder and CEO of ACU-Mobility and ACU-Running.  ACU-Mobility is an educational and mobility products company, dedicated to the development of unique sport specific corrective exercise programs and innovative product design.  Brad has treated hundreds of athletes including: Olympic and world class Runners, Triathletes, Power Lifters, Elite Crossfitters and Professional Strong Men.  He is a consultant and running mechanics expert for TOPO Athletic.  He teaches workshops and seminars on running mechanics, mobility and movement analysis around the U.S.


Dr. Sonia Pasquale D.C., Lic.Ac. is a Chiropractor, Sports Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist, Movement Specialist, Nutrition Counselor and Co-Founder of ACU-Mobility and ACU-Running systems.  She has specialties in Orthopedics, Functional Movement Analysis, Functional Medicine and Women's Health.  She incorporates advanced Chiropractic and Acupuncture manual techniques to create a unique integrative approach to treatment.  She works with both Elite and Novice athletes to help them achieve their individual physical goals.  She is the Director and co-Owner of Wakefield Wellness Center outside of Boston MA.


Chris Lehman , Lic.Ac., MAOM, Dipl. OM is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, Movement Specialist and ACU-Running Coach.  Chris Specializes in Orthopedic Acupuncture and functional movement analysis working with all kinds of Athletes.  He focuses on balancing the body through Acupuncture and manual therapies to enhance proper biomechanics with an emphasis in sports medicine and injury prevention.


Kaitlin graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  After graduation she worked for a short time in the Med/Neuro ICU at Moore County Regional Hospital in NC.  Kaitlin has been an avid runner for many years, having completed several road races at both the half marathon and marathon distance, before switching to trail running.  Her love for trail running came from the many long distance hiking trails she has completed, such as the Continental Divide Trail and Appalachian Trail.  She is excited to share her love for running by being part of the ACU-Mobility team!

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